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October 1943, Kassel (Land of Hesse, Germany), a martyred city, destroyed by bombings that killed over 10,000 people in a single night during the Second World War.

September 2012, 13th documenta, a major contemporary art exhibition held every five years since 1955 in different locations around the city, including museums.

An opportunity to compare the city, its collections and contemporary art works for a few days.

In love and passionate, it’s an opportunity for me to give some impressions from my wanderings around the city and the exhibitions.

An opportunity also to express my dismay at the abstruse texts that are sometimes paired with works of art by critics nowadays.
Some are genuine, others created haphazardly by a sofware....

Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum sonatur. (Anything said in Latin sounds profound).

Translation : Jacques Depermentier.

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