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der Himmel über Brüssel

The initial idea was the lack (or superfluity) of ideas about “Belgium”.

Then, having contemplated other people’s work, why not that of the sky.

First grey, because we are fortunate enough to be able to appreciate all its shades.

But I don’t like black and white photographs. They are too mannered, and too easily dramatic.

Colour, then. But not the colour of the sun setting over the North Sea.

No. An ordinary sky. An everyday sky.

My problem starts with the selection.

How do you pick out five pictures to create a coherent whole?

Faced with this diabolical constraint, eventually I went for monochrome after all. It’s stronger.

With the possibility of returning to grey and interpreting the theme more broadly.

Grey 1 Grey 2 Grey 3 Grey 4 Grey 5

My work stopped there.

But it can always go on.

Mentally add seven monochromes in the colours of the rainbow.

Or something more minimalist!

Belgium flag

The final result. Probably not.

But a reflection on Belgian identity and on the place of photography in art.

April 2008