Dominique THIRIONphotography

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Angel Work on memory resulting from strolls around cemeteries, settings far removed from noise and frenzy, and therefore good for mediation and which, in other places and at other times, supplied the objects that lie at the heart of my profession as an antiques dealer specialising in classical archaeology.

Creating a piece of work out of these shots meant extracting the essential, the quintessence.

The opportunity presented itself as a result of a constraint, as usual, in this case a compulsory topic during a course on portraits, about which I was very hesitant and which I therefore found a way around.

The headstone portraits gave me the possibility of expressing the thoughts and emotions that came to me as I roamed around.

The relics of the past are usually tangible, as in this case, an image. An image alongside or opposite a name, an image of oneself for others, but also an image of others for me, and then that which, ultimately, will remain ... for a time.

I chose very good-looking people, who has passed away very (too) early. Using close-ups and strong lighting, to erase the ravages of time, I sought to extract them from oblivion and somehow revive them to achieve what I had perhaps been seeking to do all this time, the man, the woman, their human dimension, their soul.